Summers Off: The Worldwide Adventures of a Schoolteacher

Hi, I’m Larry “Jungle” Shortell.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m excited to say that I have reached the first milestone with my book Summers Off – its release! The book went ‘live’ May 26th, 2011, and a couple of days later, Summers Off became available on and  Now, it is on a plethora of web sites.


Summers Off:  The Worldwide Adventures of a Schoolteacher chronicles some of my favorite travel adventures from 26 destinations around the world.  I hope you enjoy the following excerpt:


After we ate, the boy and his uncle gathered up their food scraps and told me to take mine and follow them to the water’s edge. I grabbed my scraps, and we waded knee deep into the water.  We started throwing the fish and chicken parts, the remnants of our lunch, into the water in front of us.  Within a minute, I spotted shark fins coming toward us….there were a dozen sharks coming from all different directions, sucking up the treats we had laid before them.  As I watched the fins slice slowly and methodically through the water, heading in my direction, I was honestly scared.  I could not get the theme from Jaws out of my head.  As the sharks got close, they dashed for the food and stirred up the water inches from my feet.  At times, I felt the sand paper-like skin of the nurse sharks brush up against my legs as they swam in frenzied patterns to get their portions.  The excitement ended when the food was gone.  I wished I had eaten less and scrapped more.


Until next post – Jungle